A Customer’s Guide to a Horse Photographer’s Thoughts

horse photographerWhen it comes to hiring a horse photographer, it is not something that your photographer work out on his own. The whole thing is like teamwork between you and your photographer so your photographer can get a nice shot of your horse and you naturally benefit from it.

But sometimes, when you don’t actually work in the field, it’s hard for you to understand, so we help those photographers by telling you the simple things you can do to help them!

  1. Let’s be realistic

Some owners are really excited about taking a picture with their equine family to the point that they are probably too excited about. As much as your photographer wants to fulfill your wishes, there are just certain things that cannot be done. Your photographer simply doesn’t want to risk it, especially because horses can be skittish and nobody wants to end up with a hoof print on them.

Just be yourself on that day and be comfortable about what you do. Tell your photographer about the requests that you have and discuss it. If it’s going to take quite some time, you can ask your photographer to arrive an hour earlier so you can plan when and where the picture should be taken.

  1. This is what golden hour is about

Golden hour is the term that many photographers use to describe that moment before sunset and during sunrise. The sun shines at a close angle that it looks as if golden light falls on everything and this means your horse will look a couple of times better. A horse photographer is always aiming for this moment whenever possible.

But the golden hour is very short; once you miss it, that’s it. You will have to wait tomorrow or just deal with whatever pictures you got.

  1. Be confident!

You are probably shy and awkward in front of the camera, not sure if you will look good in them. Let’s be honest, your horse doesn’t judge you and neither does your photographer. Being confident about yourself will actually make you look so much better and you don’t need to have the most ideal body or clothes of the latest trend. Just be yourself and you will be the best-looking person in the world.

  1. Where?

Horses live in stables and stables are located in open-field with a lot of vast field and maybe barns and farms. Basically, there is nowhere to take pictures at because it’s not a place for vacation. So, it’ll be best if you think about where the pictures should be taken and if possible, invite the photographer much earlier on that day.

  1. Your photographer loves his job!

You don’t need to doubt this because every equine photographer chose to do this because it’s what they love. It’s a niche that is not common because a horse photographer like Emma Ziff faces risks no others do. Because of that, trust in your photographer more!

Talk to your photographer if you have worries about the session and let him help you. For them, it’s a real privilege to able to meet with such majestic creatures and to receive the honor of this amazing job.