Via Beginner’s Guide to Corporate Video Production

corporate video productionWhen it comes to getting a corporate video, a lot of people can agree that it’s important. Getting a corporate video production is always seen as vital to market products, raise brand awareness and improve brand salience.

That certainly makes corporate video a magical solution to your marketing issues. But is that easy? Whether you are still a beginner or is trying to improve your video production skills, here’s what you need to know.

What is your purpose?

The first question you need to answer before writing any script or shooting for any clips, what is the purpose of the video. Much like marketing strategies, you need to design your goal or purpose in working on the video by following the SMART principle which is: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

What does this mean?

Your goal in making this video needs to be specific: is it to increase sales? Retention? Visitors? Raise brand awareness and salience? And that goal should be measurable. You want to raise sales by 10%, increase retention by 5%, increase the number of visitors by 3,000, etc. Usually, they come in countable amount.

Is it attainable? As in, have you thought of how the shooting process should go? This involves getting everyone who has a say in the video to let you know what are the limitations and expectations. From there, you need to think: is it possible to take a video of the corporate team together in a friendly tone somewhere in town?

It has to be realistic as in, you have enough time to work on your corporate video production while not expecting the shooting to take place in Hawaii. Unless you live in Hawaii. Time-bound refers to the fact that the ultimate target of reaching your sales shouldn’t happen in 3 days, but stretch within a month or two.

What is your message?

Before you work out on the concept of the video, it’s more important to know what exactly you want to tell your clients. Think of the core message that you want to put in the video and translate it into something that sounds enticing to the audience. You want them to spend money on your service, so tell them why they will need and love it.

And then, it’s time to think carefully how can video best represent this message? Or perhaps, you already have the main mean of advertising this think and you are expanding your marketing strategies to using corporate videos. What does video have that other means don’t?

That’s right, moving pictures, people speaking with visible expressions and tones as well as animation that helps people understand better what you offer – these are the typical strengths. But this boils down to the creative team in writing down the script and making sure they get all the essentials while making it look professional, fun and attractive.

For example, corporate video products by always come as a video that sends a genuine message. He always wraps the call-to-action videos in a beautiful way that people can see it’s not just marketing – there are truth and generosity in the video. This is how you want to convey your message to your audiences.

Be a Smart Event Photographer

There are countless cases where photographers lose their gears at the place they work. It wasn’t that they left it for hours; they simply leave for 10 minutes to the toilet and it was gone. There you go your $5,000 investment. All because you did not get an insurance for an event photographer.

Come on, guys, we need to become a smart photographer! We know that the thief is to be blamed, but it is also our fault to not anticipate something that has happened many times. Preventing is always better before it happens.

Protect your gears

There are several ways to insure your equipment depending on the company. One of them is by applying for Property Insurance or Business Owner’s Policy (which includes property insurance among others).

Property insurance protects everything you own that pertains to the business, such as the land, the house, and the gears. The amount that is covered will depend on the amount of premium you paid. The company will cover not just the loss but also the amount of money you need to spend to keep the business running, such as renting a new space as long as the studio is being fixed.

In the case of theft of any of your working equipment, the insurance will cover that, too, and will replace according to the value you’ve agreed. Of course, you need to notify the company whenever you want to add new gears to the insurance. is an example of event photographers that own this insurance.

Protect yourself

General liability insurance (also in the Business Owner’s Policy) and professional indemnity insurance are two insurances that can protect you pertaining fees that are related to legal issues.

The general/public liability insurance cover the fee that is needed to pay for damages that occur at the venue which is indirectly or accidentally by you. For example, if someone accidentally bumps on your bag of the camera, fell and scratch his leg by the broken pieces of glass he was holding and sue you for it, the insurance company will cover the legal fee that is needed.

Some will also help cover the medical fees or replacement fees that you need to pay to the one that is experiencing the loss.

Professional indemnity insurance will cover you whenever someone sues you for bringing them dissatisfying results. It’s easily granted to professional photographers who are strict about quality and retain it for years.

Be accepted by the venue

You might have noticed by now that there are venues that only allow photographers with insurance to work there. They need you to show them your proof of insurance. This is because they want to avoid problems while they can and this should be a good encouragement for you to apply for insurances soon.

Be a smart event photographer! Theft is not a right thing to do, but it is also wrong to not prevent things when you could have done it. These insurances have saved countless photographers out there and who knows, they might save you, too one day later.

Things You Should Tell Your Boudoir Clients

boudoir photographyStarting boudoir photography means that there are things that you need to learn and tell to clients. Especially because this line of job is not exactly the type that people will have much knowledge about, it’s always good to know what you need to tell them.

Explain about boudoir photography

Lots of people have a misconception about boudoir pictures. They think it is all about doing porn pictures and posing naked. Actually, boudoir pictures are only possible when no private parts of the body revealed. It’s the type of picture when women get to pose and show their confidence in lingerie and underwear.

Even if anybody does it naked, it will be under the condition of blocked by something. The point of boudoir is to show beauty and confident in the most revealing way. Check out boudoir photography websites for better illustrations.

Empathize with their worries

Many women are not confident with their looks and appearances. They will spot flaws and tells you that maybe they aren’t meant to do one. That’s bulls!

Boudoir photography is not meant only for models or those under a certain weight. Every woman deserves to show their curves and be confident. Especially if the pictures are going to be presented for their husbands, it’s even more convincing that no matter how you look, you are at your best.

Show them several pictures of women from different origin and size of bodies. This is the best way to convince them that not being a model is totally fine. Nobody is perfect and what really matters is that you enjoy yourself and the one that will receive your gift will definitely love it, too.

Help them with wardrobe

Women don’t know the must-have they need to bring, so help them suggest the best pair of underwear, lingerie, and corset to bring. Suggest with colors, too. Black and white are some of the must bring; others colors will depend on preference.

Tell them to bring their favorite ones and make sure to use it on the night they give it to their husband if they plan to. This is one of the best ways to surprise loved one.

Discuss the place

Boudoir photography has to be taken in a bedroom, or in a living room with a nice sofa or loveseat. Discuss with your client if she has a place she’d like to use or recommend. You can also ask if doing it in a hotel room will be okay.

If the both of you have agreed to do it in the house of someone, make sure you’ve gained permission and explore the place before the shoot times. Tell your client that you need to make sure the place has enough natural light shining in with a nice bedroom or a sofa to lay on and complementary background.

Help them with what to do with the pictures

Especially brides and wives, they find themselves wondering how they should give the pictures to their significant ones. Make yourself better by helping them and giving ideas on how to present the pictures in the most surprising and memorable ways. This will definitely add value to what you’ve already provided.

Benefits Of SEO

It’s easy marketing.

photography seoGone were the days where in marketing needs to be a hit or miss type of thing. With search engine optimization, you can target what you want and when you want and it doesn’t even have to be that hard at all.

It’s cost efficient.

You don’t have to go ahead and blow off all of your money on search engine optimization because at the end of the day, it is the kind of thing that you can customize based on the kind of budget you can afford. Starting off as a photographer can really be a bit of a challenge but this isn’t the type of thing that you need to worry about when it all comes down to it. You don’t have to blow money off that you can’t afford in the first place. You can take it slow in the beginning until you start gaining some progress and until you start getting enough money to spend some more on your marketing expenses.

It will get your content out there.

What you need to try to achieve when it comes to photography SEO is for you to get your content out to the right people who might eventually turn out to be your clients in the future. Being a professional photographer can be quite tough at times. You might not always be fully booked but photography SEO can help you out a lot with that. Once you have search engine optimization up to date, you can be rest assured of the fact that you will eventually get to end up with more clients at the end of the day. it can really turn out to make all of the difference in the world for you and this is what you ought to invest in as much as possible.

It’s easy to learn.

You don’t have to sweat over it the moment that you hear the term or the phrase photography SEO. It is actually something that is fairly easy to go ahead and check out for as long as you take the time out of your day to read up and to do your research when it all comes down to it. Hit up your search engine with what you can find out about search engine optimization and you are bound to come up with multiple results out of your online searches. There are even webinars and ebooks and all that about it and this is what you ought to try to tap into as much as you possibly can. The best thing about these resources is the fact that they are relatively for free which means that you can do everything with nothing else to shell out other than your time and perhaps just a few dollars, or not even. You can even hit it up during your free time. If you are struggling in getting your career up as a photographer, you don’t have to take a break at all because you can do this and cultivate your career at the same time. It is a great investment for you to bank on.

When Planning An Event

Pick a suitable venue.

event photographyYou need to know for sure that when you are planning an event, the venue will be perfect. There are a lot of angles that you need to take a look at when you are looking at things like this. For starters, you need to determine whether the venue is large enough or not to cater to all of the guests that you are expecting. When you are assessing the space, try to keep tabs of the fact that it will not just be your guests and yourself who will be there. The event venue needs to have enough space for the servers, the vendors, tables and seats, a possible stage, or perhaps even a photo booth area or something similar to that.

Needless to say, the success of your event will start and end with the kind of venue that you pick out at the end of the day. Sure, you are going to need to make sure that your event photography needs are covered as well but it really all starts with the venue more than ever. Don’t make the mistake of booking the very first venue that you manage to see. There are quite a lot being offered out in your area if you only make it a point to start looking and to really take your time in checking things out accordingly when it all comes down to it.

Proper promotion.

An event will not be successful if it isn’t properly promoted in the first place. Social media is one of the best places for you to boost your marketing and your promotion for the event that you are planning out. More often than not, it will also be the best place for you to send out your electronic invites. Although there is still a certain value and appeal to sending out the invites the old fashioned way, it might not be the most efficient way of doing so. Give yourself enough time for the promotion to have some sort of traction so that it will get to reach all of the people that you have been targeting to reach out to in the first place.

Determine your target market or crowd.

You have to understand how demographics work. You also need to be able to determine what your main purpose will turn out to be so that you will be able to effectively pinpoint your target market at the end of the day.

Discuss the details with your photographer.

Event photography is unique in such a sense wherein the photographer will need to adapt to the specifics of the type of event that he is providing coverage for. Discuss this accordingly with your photographer so that you are assured once and for all that you have everything mapped out the right way during the day of the event. If you have any specifics or if you have any worries, let your photographer know about this so that he can plan out your event photography coverage based on your specific needs.

Cool Things You Can Do Before The Wedding


photographer bournemouthCake tastings and other forms of menu tastings are activities that couples enjoy a lot. This is something that you can more or less look forward to either individually or as a couple when you are setting the wedding plans in motion. As you may have already known, it is important for you and for your partner to make sure that cakes and other food items to be served during the wedding are sampled accordingly in order for this to work. You need to know right out that you are getting the best of the best on the table and you will not be able to know that for sure until you actually go to the point wherein you are able to sample the food items that you will be serving out to your guests when it all comes down to it.

Although aesthetics pulled off the right way on your wedding food will serve you and your photographer Bournemouth well enough, you have to get to the point wherein you are actually assured of the taste as well. You certainly would not want to be remembered as the bride who has pretty looking food but it ended up tasting blah. You want people to fondly remember your wedding as something that is tasteful and classy and wonderful in all aspects and your food tasting visits will get to ensure that you are booking all of the right caterers for the event at the end of the day.

Photo shoots

Pre wedding shoots with your favourite photographer Bournemouth are also something that you and your partner can look forward to. There are so many photo shoots that a photographer Bournemouth in general is bound to offer out to you. The common inclusions in a wedding photography pre-wedding package are an engagement shoot, a bridal or boudoir photography shoot, a couple shoot, and then a first look shoot taken a few hours before the actual wedding. An engagement shoot will give you material to use for when you are announcing your save the dates or for when you are playing something out for the guests during the reception party. A bridal or a boudoir photo shoot is something that will allow you to play around with your solo pictures as a bride. It is usually the kind of thing that is very sexy or sensual but you have every freedom to control it or to play around with it. You can be as tame as you would like to be. It is all a matter of preference but it is a pretty good start for a bride to start gaining confidence with the aspect of being in front of the camera all the time.

Parties and events

Pre wedding parties can be quite fun and exciting to check out especially when you are smack right in the center of it all as a bride or as a groom. There is the age old tradition of holding the bridal shower, there’s the stag party, and of course, the engagement party and wedding rehearsal party. There are so many events that you can look forward to. Make sure that your photographer Bournemouth is looped in so that you have photos to remember the event by.

How To Figure Out Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is hard enough as it is.

portrait photographyIt will turn out to be far even harder if you don’t have the right professional on deck getting things figured out for you and worked out for you in all of the best ways. It really is like finding the perfect stylist. Everyone has their own preferences and more than that, everyone has that special portrait photographer who can really bring out their best features and come out with the most flattering photos by the end of the day shoot. This is the type of thing that you should try to consider as much as you possibly can at the end of the day.

Go with an established portrait photographer, the type who is technically a member of photography organizations and the like. A photographer like this most likely has a fairly disciplined and structured approach to portrait photography. Although structure is great and all that, you also need to consider the creative side of things. It has to be a pretty great balance between the two at the end of the day. Get this figured out the right way and you will not have to worry about how things pan out in the long run.

Trust your portrait photographer a little.

This kind of setup will never work out as well as you would like it to if you don’t trust your photographer completely and in all of the best ways. The fact is, you hired a portrait photographer because you think that he is someone who is technically the best out of all of the portrait photographer options out there. Give him a little bit more credit by letting him have a bit of creative freedom every now and then by not being overly controlling the entire time that the portrait photo shoot is in swing.

You need to let go of the control a little bit if you can help it.

Have some confidence in the photographer that you picked out compared to the rest of all of the other photographers out there in the market. Keep in mind of the reality that your photographer has been doing this far longer than you have and knows things far better than you do for as far as it is something to do with portrait photography. If you have any doubts, make it a point to talk to your photographer about it. Things are always so much better and they turn out to be just great when there is great communication between the photographer and the client involved. This is why you need to initiate it in all of the ways that you possibly can.

Determine what the purpose is for the portrait photo shoot in the first place.

Are you shooting for something that denotes power and formality or are you just opting for something that looks flattering? It all depends on the kind of theme and the kind of mood you are going for so try to keep that in mind as much as possible when you are trying to figure things out. Of course, it helps a lot if you partner up with a portrait photographer who is experienced in giving you some insight when it comes to things like this. Consider the possibility of booking portrait photographers such as

Makeover Photo-Shoots – Best Value Services

makeover photographyMakeover photography is now a popular trend that transforms the everyday look of the average individual into that which can compete with the looks of a professional model. This photo-shoot serves as a constant reminder of how good looking the subject is. The challenge in this type of photography is in selecting the right makeover studio that can offer the best value to its clients.

Unfortunately, the perception which the general public has about the high-street photography industry has affected the reputation of certain makeover photography professionals dye to the fact that some of their colleagues charge exorbitant amounts for low quality images. As a matter of fact, in most major cities that comprise of women between the ages of 30 to 40, these women know someone or have being acquainted with an individual who has been overcharged in this way and this has led to the sceptical behaviour when assessing the photography business.

The good news though is that there are still the best value makeover photography studios out there and all that you need know is what to look out for when in need of their services. The high-street photography studios have two operating models which you can expect and one is

  • Free and low cost shoots

These free and low cost shoots are offered by makeover studios so as to recover their operating costs from the sale of the images gotten from the shoot. On the surface, this comes off as being a good approach as customers only purchase the images they prefer however, for the clients who do not purchase any of these images, the ones who do purchase images have to cover the expenses of both their shoot and for those who do not buy any. Even with the option of not to buy, there is the average client that feels compelled to but the images regardless of whether they fancy them or they do not fancy them due to the fact that they have committed time and effort into the shoot. This type of photo shoot does not advertise its costs beforehand thereby putting clinets at the mercy of the photographers.

  • All-inclusive packages:

The all-inclusive photography studios recover the costs of their operations on a pro-rata basis that is, based on the length of time of the shoot and the number of images requested. This approach is quite risky as the client is being made to pay for pictures before the commencement of the photo shoot meaning you do not know what you are getting and can only expect the best. On the plus side, this approach gives the client a choice in the selection of styles, the type of looks preferred, negotiating a price for tailor-made services and allowing for a certain period of breaks in between the shoots. Most importantly, the studios that offer this openly advertise the cost of their packages and services so clients can easily compare the prices and select the ones within their price range.

For more on makeover photography visit

Planning Out Your First Family Photography Shoot

family portraitWhen planning out your family photography shoot, it is important for you to try to go ahead and keep your family members involved with what you are trying to pull off at the end of the day. Make it conclusive as much as you possibly can. This way, you get to make sure that everyone is excited on the family photography shoot because they each have a take on things one way or the other. It helps to make people feel valued and that you really are interested in what they have to say, even if they are still kids.

You will be surprised to see how refreshing the creativity of kids can turn out to be.

As a parent, make sure that you tap into it. Also make sure that you have the buy in of your partner or spouse every step of the way. Every decision that gets made during the family photography shoot should turn out to be a main family decision. You need to be united and you need to have a unified approach for the family photography shoot involved. This will ensure that all of your family members will be excited with what they will face during the family photography shoot.

Think about the things that the family likes or enjoys doing together.

Try to incorporate than in the family photography shoot as much as possible. This will help make the photo shoot more fun and a little less like a chore, especially for kids who tend to have really short attention spans at the end of the day. You will be quite surprised to see and know that the sky really is the limit when it comes to things like this. You can go for anything and there is no such thing such as a right or wrong answer when you are planning out the concept of your family photography shoot. If your family enjoys outdoor activities, then you should probably go ahead and plan your family photography shoot with an outdoor theme.

If your family is more of into board games and gathering by the fireplace, then plan a photo shoot around that as well. If your family is a family of foodies, you should probably have a family photography shoot with a feast as the background. Whatever your take is on things, it is all up to you to communicate that with the professional family photographer that you end up hiring and to make sure that it gets turned from concept to reality.

Engage your family members in the shot.

Make them smile but don’t force them into it. When you are trying to get smiles out of them during the family portrait shoot, try to talk to them naturally. Remind them about things that you guys used to laugh about. Keep them entertained and just keep the conversations flowing. Something like this will turn out to be so much more effective than the cliché “cheese” and it will make your photos come out looking so much more authentic as well.

Boudoir Photography Tips

Check position of arms and legs.

boudoir photography tipsIf you would like to gain access to some boudoir photography tips, the first thing to check out is the way that you position the arms and legs of the subject that you are working with. Positioning is everything when it all comes down to it. You need to understand what you are aiming for so that you will be able to accomplish everything that you have gone out there to accomplish in the first place. Without the right kind of guide or without the right kind of principle to go by with when it all comes down to it, it can be very easy to go off tangent and end up being all over the place while you are at it.

You need to make sure that your photos will always come out looking flattering and interesting all of the time. You need to make sure that whatever happens, you know how to position the subject’s body parts. The arms and the legs can make all of the difference in the world for as far as flattering poses are concerned so make sure that you get to look into this as much as you possibly can.

Clearly draw out the line between what is classy and what is trashy.

Boudoir photography is tricky in such a way wherein you will need to juggle two fairly strong concepts at the same time. You are treading a very thin line between what will be received or perceived as inappropriate and appropriate and that will be a daily struggle and challenge. The line will also be quite vague as well. It can be very hard to know for sure if you are already bordering on the inappropriate side of things. You need to go ahead and keep yourself in check all of the time the entire time that you are at it. Although it might sound like a fairly interesting concept to look into at the end of the day, the fact remains that you will be heavily reliant on the perspective of the client that you are working with. Talk to the subject about the things that she is comfortable doing and the things that she is not. This will always turn out to be a bit of a deciding factor at the end of the day.

Take things from subject’s perspective.

One of the boudoir photography tips that can help you along would be to always take things from the perspective of your subject. Check on what they are willing to do and what they are not because this will always turn out to be the main deciding point for what you can and cannot do during a boudoir photography shoot. Be open with your subject and at the same time, get her comfortable enough to open up to you as well. This will make the project so much easier to pull off.

Be picky with the kind of wardrobe that you check out as well.

Boudoir photography does not always have to be sexy. The subject does not necessarily need to shed skin all the time in order for the boudoir photo shoot to fly.

When Filming a York Wedding Video

Be artistic

wedding video tipsIf there is anything you need to know about shooting a York wedding video, it would have to be the fact that you are technically giving life to the vision of your clients. Although you sure do have your own artistic liberties as a wedding videographer, those liberties certainly are not all that absolute. At some point or so, you are going to need to make way for the visions of your clients or for what they have in mind when it all comes down to it.

Check things right away

You need to go out of your way to seriously get things checked out the right way when it comes to things like these. Talk this out during the client discussion meeting. Make sure that you get a pretty clear view of what your clients have in mind. Ask them in advance if there is any kind of theme that they would like to follow through with one way or the other. You need to know just what kind of material or theme you are going to need to initiate in the wedding videos that you are going to end up producing for them by the end of the wedding video shoot.

Keep camera stable

Keep your camera stable as much as possible when you are filming Yorkshire wedding videos. Unless you are planning to just shoot wedding videos that run on for less than 10 seconds or so per clip, you are going to need a tripod to mound your camera or your camcorder on one way or the other. Shooting wedding videos without a tripod in tow will turn out to be absolutely disastrous for you and for the videos that you will end up producing. The video quality runs the risk of turning out to look shaky and grainy and that’s always a bad thing, especially when you are charging professional fees for it at the end of the day.

Bring tripod

A tripod is one of the most basic accessories you are ever going to need when you are shooting wedding videos. More than that, a tripod will certainly not cost you too much money when it all comes down to it either. Invest in a high quality tripod so that you are just going for one good buy all throughout the duration of your career. A flimsy and cheap tripod can put your gear at risk of toppling over and getting damaged during the wedding video coverage and that will not be worth it no matter which angle you take a look at it.

Always have your backups set in place for your audio recording.

Great video is no good when you do not have high quality audio to match it up with at the end of the day. Internal camera audio recorders alone will not suffice. You need to have your backups set in place just to make sure that you have something to go ahead and cover you at the end of the day. Invest in a couple of external audio recorders just to make sure that you have your backups set in place at some point or so.

What To Know As A Photographer In Buckinghamshire

Know your passion

photographer in buckinghamshireBefore you go ahead and make the decision on really becoming a photographer in Buckinghamshire and having it as your long term career, you need to take a look at what your passions are. Going into something that you are not completely passionate or excited about can turn out to be a very bad idea. You will end up wasting time and valuable resources trying to kick start something that you will not be able to follow through on long enough for you to gain success out of it.

It will be long and arduous.

The journey towards becoming a commercially successful professional photographer will not turn out to be an easy one. It will be long and arduous and there will be certain times wherein even the most dedicated and passionate might need to pause for a bit and remind themselves why they are in this in the first place.

If this is something that you have grown to love and if you are always looking out for ways to improve yourself as a photographer, then you are at a good start but don’t rush through things just yet. Keep your current job and keep working on getting your photography career up and running on the side. You can multi task and not end up risking your main source of income when it all comes down to it. It is all a matter of working things out the right way at the end of the day.

Brace yourself for failure.

The aspect of starting out in a cutthroat industry as a new photographer in Buckinghamshire will always be tough. You will fail. This is not a probability, this is more like a definite step towards success. So although yes, it can be quite true that you will end up failing in the beginning, it is also quite true that that said failure will not necessarily turn out to be permanent at the end of the day. It will be quite alright because for as long as you are able to brush yourself off and to get right back into the grind, you should be able to achieve everything that you are going after in your chosen industry and career as a professional photographer.

The first few years will always be tough.

No one really knows you yet. You have not really made friends with all the right people in all of the right places. Your marketing plan and product and service placement plans probably aren’t even fully completed or in full swing just yet. Don’t rush through this process. It will be challenging but the valuable wisdom that you will be able to gain from this can seriously help you improve in the long run.

Let your unique and original self shine out as a photographer in Buckinghamshire.

Don’t be too eager to follow the rest of the crowd. Check out the trends and try to find out which one works for you and try to put your own spin to it if you can. In a world of grays and blacks and whites, it can sometimes be a bit refreshing to see that splash of color. Be that splash of color and let your uniqueness shine through.

Things to Check Out as a Family Photographer

family photo shootIf you are seriously in the process of considering the possibility of going after being a family photographer as a career, then there are a few things that you should know or at least observe or take note of at the end of the day. Although this is something that is fairly no-nonsense and basic, you still need to take note of the fact that there are a few things that you should be observant of. Every leg of photography in the industry requires a different approach. You may have handled a different type of photography before but being a family photographer is something that is totally different and something that you should go ahead and treat differently at the end of the day.

Be particular with the location that you will be working in.

As a family photographer, you should take something like this into account. The clients may say something like they would like to be photographed at home or something like that. You need to know how the place looks like, to begin with. Try to see if you can arrange for an ocular visit around a few days before the actual family photo shoot so that you will more or less have an idea about the kind of lighting situation that you will be dealing with when it all comes down to it. The location is crucial to the success of your coverage as a family photographer so pay particular attention to it. Give some suggestions out to your clients in case they are feeling a bit lost and a bit out of options.

Give them a fairly comprehensive list of options that they can choose from.

The most important thing out of all of this is that they should walk away from the agreement feeling totally in control about the decision that they made. Again, we would just like to reiterate on the fact that you should only be making suggestions, do not coerce them into choosing a place or a venue that they might not be all that comfortable with at the end of the day. It is still their call and they still call the shots when it comes to things like these.

Check out things to use

When you are on location, try to see if you can check out certain things that might help you out on the photography side of things. If you are indoors, try to look for spots or for areas near glass windows. Glass windows are great natural light diffusers and diffused light can turn out to be really flattering on various skin tones. If the venue is set outdoors, like a garden or something, try to look out for tree clusters or for any other shaded areas that might help minimize the glare coming from the sun. If you are shooting somewhere public such as a park or a government-run garden, make sure that you get to secure the necessary permits well ahead of time so that you don’t end up running across any issues during the time that you are covering as a London family photographer.