Improve Newborn Baby Photography By Changing Perspective

newborn baby photographyIt’s not that easy to be creative in newborn baby photography. You need to be extra careful with the baby that sometimes it gets in the way between you and your creativity. The baby’s safety is the top priotity after all, so you need to be very considerate when putting the baby into different poses as each one may potentially lead the baby into danger.

This lack of creativity and opportunity in newborn photography may at times make you bored and losing motivation as a photographer. You may start to think that this job is just not for you and even consider quitting several times. What you didn’t know is that you could actually use a new perspective in doing newborn photography gigs to recharge your motivation and the way you see things.

As it’s really hard to use variations of poses when taking newborn photos, why don’t you play with angles and other elements instead? A different angle is that little spark of uniqueness which could make your shots stand out of the crowd. This could be a great addition to that portfolio of yours and also give you more credibility as well.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a number of tips that you could follow to improve yourself as a newborn photographer. Here they are:

Experiment with lighting

Different technique in lighting will create different result in your shots. You could put the source of lighting in front or behind the subject to create certain shadowy effects on the baby. You could even play with the size of the lighting source, as different size will give different effect as well.

Another technique would be to put an object between the source of light and the subject to add even more unique effects to your shots. You could use a lighting source which is wider than the subject to create a full-size shot or a narrower one to create a silhouette of the subject.

Experiment with your distance with the subject

In newborn baby photography, you need to be as creative as you could with the way to take your photos. You could even play with the distance between you and your subject. Getting closer with the baby doesn’t only affect the shots in terms of the effect it creates, but also gives more intimacy to your shots. It’s as if you are a close relative to the family who is taking pictures of their baby.

Experiment with your angles

You could take pictures of the same subject from two different angles and get two different outcomes in result. The angle that you pick for your subject may tell an entirely different story to the final outcome. You could be as creative as you could with your angles in order to get the best shot out of the subject.

It’s true that newborn baby photography is a very challenging field for photographers as they could not express their creativity as much as in other fields of photography. You could learn more about getting creative with your shots by visiting Julia & Mia Fine Art Baby Photography to see more samples of creative shots in newborn photography.

A Guide to Accessories for Baby Photography

baby photographyAsk any baby photographer and they will tell you that the act of photographing a baby is not easy. No pun intended but it is no kid stuff. How do you go about taking the perfect image of a little one if you can barely coax a smile out of them or even get them to pose for the camera? Going by their lake of awareness and the fact that they are not easy to direct, the right picture is not that easy to come by.

For the parents of the baby who want to ensure that every milestone is recorded, they need expert baby photography providers to help them with professionally taken shots. Usually, contracting the services of a professional comes along with gear that is user friendly, well-functioning accessories and variety of props which make a difference in the outcome of the shot. With this in mind, take a look at the following accessories you are likely to find in the studio.

  • Camera

Okay in the present day almost everyone who is capable of using a smartphone has one. Most smartphones have cameras now and most people think because of the ease of access to these devices, making use of the services of a professional photographer is not necessary. Well, that is not often the case. You might have the convenience of your cellphone camera but often times, that does not mean the outcome of the photoshoot will meet your expectations. Don’t you feel that going to the studio and getting a professional to do what he knows best will have a better outcome?

The reason why the professional is bound to have a better outcome is due to the fact that he or she has the right camera for baby photography and knows the best way to maximize its use for the pictures you need. A camera is a tool the photographer has to learn how to be intimate with. So, to record the milestone in the life of your baby, get the professional to help you with it.

  • Light

The newborn is fragile so you cannot expect the photographer to have a shoot in an outdoor location exposing the little one to the harsh temperature. Therefore, an alternative source of light is needed to ensure that the outcome of the image is one that best fits all the expectations of the couple. However, note that there are different sources of light from studio lights, overhead lights, flash lights etc. The type of lights you go for should depend on the outcome you are expecting from the pictures you take.

With the different type of lighting in the studio, it is highly possible that the little one might get frightened especially if the flash of the camera goes off in their face. If the little one is frightened, this does not bode well for the shot you were trying to capture as it will most likely be distorted. Therefore, make sure you have a reasonable plan in place for the use of these lights.

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Why Baby Photography

baby photographyEvery second in life, someone is encountering a new experience, someone is making changes while someone is thinking of a way to embrace opportunities presented to them. It is therefore realistic to conclude that there is no second on the clock when something unique is not occurring. As individuals we might have different things occur to us at the same time. These different things are what eventually create memories for us.

The memories created are imprinted in our minds for certain periods of time. Depending on how important these moments are, the memories may last long while some are forgotten as soon as they occur. If care is it taken, it becomes quite easy to forget the details of these memories that we wish to hold on to.

Someone somewhere in the past recognized the fact that as humans, we love holding on to mementos that remind us of encounters or experiences we went through and as such thought of the concept of photography. In this case we will be talking about baby photography.

The life span of a human can be defined according to certain stages. The newborn, toddler, adolescent, young adult, adult and aged. As we go through these stages in life, we are bound to encounter changes be it physically or psychologically. If we are not careful, the moments that defined us and helped us get to our present stage can be easily forgotten that is why photographs play an important part in our lives.

Below, we have listed out reasons why baby photography should be an option.

  • To capture memories

A lot of things happen in life and we want to hold on to the special ones. The special ones are worth cherishing as they left a lasting impression in our lives. That is the case when a baby is born. The parents understand that the birth of a child changes everything.

The child will also not stay that way forever as they are bound to grow and in a couple of years live their own lives and create their own family. But, for the period of time that the child is still a baby, the couple can ensure that the memories of them with the baby are stamped in time thanks to the avenue of baby pictures.

The thing about baby pictures is that they can be captured when the child is a newborn or a couple of months after birth. However, they sooner the better as within a year, the baby begins to outgrow its state of dependence to one of independence.

  • Reference purposes

There are times when grown children approach their parents to ask for any childhood pictures of themselves. The need for the pictures might be purely sentimental perhaps to gain a look at what they looked like when they were born or it could be for a totally different reason. Regardless of the purpose of asking, it does not hurt to have pictures taken in case a future need arises for it.

Baby photography by can be trusted to help you hold on to memories.

How to Start a Calgary Newborn Photography Business

Calgary newborn photographyAre you an aspiring photographer? Many people find their way entering into the business of Calgary newborn photography from the unusual pathway. Yet, those who have the knack of it eventually come around and realize that they are happier and will be more successful in starting a photography business. That’s probably what you thought, too.

But the starting point is always the hardest. How do you begin offering your service? How to convince clients that you are not just playing around, but serious about the job entrusted to you? There are many things you need to prepare, but don’t fret! We’ve got your back.

Is this really what you want?

Take a look at baby pictures and videos of baby photography sessions. You might have seen some directly. What do you think about being the photographer? Do you enjoy what you see? Will you be able to enjoy taking pictures and spending times with babies as well as their parents? If yes, then you have found the right job for you.

If you are not the type that enjoys the company of babies much, you have to rethink your decision. You might end up stressing yourself up and bringing in bad reviews to yourself!

Prepare the set

There are two ways you can start offering your service. The harder way is to prepare a studio and a set to take the pictures at. This usually means you need to invest a lot in creating the space to work and works if you want to provide formal photography session. You also have to prepare props to be used as well as the backdrop. Examples can be seen at Dulce Baby Photography, a professional newborn photography studio.

The other way is to offer your service in lifestyle mode. This is where you go to the parents’ home to take pictures of their babies and you don’t have to bring that many props. You can also discuss it with the parents before the promised date to decide on which rooms or locations in the home you will use. It may expand to taking pictures in parks and the likes depending on the parents’ request.

When you offer your Calgary newborn photography service, it’s a good thing to point out that you only do one type of photography. Do not force yourself to do something you are not yet sure about. Do what you can and excel in that. Once you are sure, you can expand into the other style and invest more in the business.

The props and set

When you buy props for newborn sessions, you need to be careful with the materials, shape as well as the safety of using those props. Do your research to find out if there is any danger associated with using those props. The set has to be designed in a way that supports a good photography environment as well. Such as, having natural light shines into the room as well as the option to completely shut them out.

Afterward, maintenance of what you own for your Calgary newborn photography session is important. Your props don’t stay new forever; you need to throw out and buy new ones from time to time. You also have to clean the room and blankets used regularly.

Your Guide to Choosing A Newborn Photographer

Raleigh newborn photographerHave you finally made the decision to have new born baby shoot for your precious little one? You can never be wrong making that decision: it is one of the most important things to do soon as you have a baby. There is not exaggerating what memories are and how important they are.

You are now faced with the usually tortuous task of finding a Raleigh newborn photographer; or any baby photographer for that matter. And while we understand that as a nursing mother just recovering from the stress of childbirth, it won’t be so easy to search for a baby photographer. You won’t be the first to go through the quite complex research process, but we do believe that our guide will simply things.

Not all new-born photographers will fit your personality. Every photographer is different and you will do well to have that at the back of your mind. That said, here are some tips to finding a new-born photographer for you.

  • Research: Choose Your Style

Photography is so vast that every niche of photography in itself is vast. That is why there are styles within styles within styles of photography. While the styles found in new born baby photography are not so complex even to the everyday parent, you should “visualize” the kinds of pictures you want for your baby.

Do you like posed photography? Or do you want a more laid-back documentary or lifestyle approach? Do you like pictures of babies in a natural environment, undisturbed?

Always remember that you are the one in need, and your needs should be met. Some photographers are good to go whichever style you choose. Some are proficient when it comes to handling and posing your baby; others want things to flow naturally.

Looking through their online portfolio and previous works, you should know the kinds of pictures they are most comfortable in. If it tallies with what you want, tick.

  • Research: Choose Your Photographer(S)

You will be drawing up a list of some photographers who appeal to you. There are hardly any regulations in this kind of niche. Anyone with a good enough camera, some skills at using it, and space to spare can quickly portray himself or herself as a baby photographer. So, you have to be careful.

In your research, you want to spot photographers with a proven and commendable track record of good customer reviews. Read the comments customers have left on their web pages or social media pages. is a Raleigh newborn photographer who is well-known and has won various awards including the 2016, 2017 and 2018 “Photography Magazine Excellence Award for Newborns”. You should opt for a photographer like her. You have to choose someone you can trust your baby with.

You also want to check the photographer’s prices and if it is beyond what you can afford. You should not run into debt because you want pictures of your baby. While it is worth it – and it adds to the memories later on – you should consider alternatives in terms of price.

  • Interview. Meeting.

This is the part where you start to ask questions. And trust me, you have lots of them to ask. You should meet the photographer before the actual photoshoot. If you want to use a studio, ensure you visit the place and check it out too.

Ask about safety and what precautions they take. It is the most important detail to fine out. You can always choose another baby photographer if the safety procedures don’t feel so safe to you.

You should also attempt to strike a good bargain, but don’t be so desperate about it. You want to ask about how you will get your pictures and in what formats.

You should ask about their experiences and if they have any training or certification like the Raleigh newborn photographer earlier mentioned. Of course, you should ask about prices and how flexible they can go. Very importantly too, ask about a written contract to be signed by the both of you.

How To Properly Prep Your Newborn For A Photo Shoot

Sponge bath.

newborn photography dublinBabies can be really grumpy and irritable especially when they aren’t that comfortable during the newborn photography Dublin shoot that you have scheduled out. As a parent, one way for you to anticipate this and to help put him in a good mood would be giving him a gentle and refreshing sponge bath. There are a lot of benefits to something like this. For starters, you get to ensure that the baby will be feeling fresh and energized during the photo shoot. Secondly, babies, especially the newborn ones, actually tend to go through some sort of shedding phase wherein they have a lot of dead skin that needs to be sloughed off. You will have a far better chance in getting this managed or taken care of the right way through a gentle sponge bath. Make sure that you don’t rub him up too hard though. You have to be careful as baby’s skins can be really sensitive and they get irritated easily. Most of the newborn photographers out there are actually advocates of the gentle sponge bath right before the shoot so if your photographer hasn’t advised you about this just yet, then you are a few steps ahead of the game if you take care of this right off the bat.

The classic feed and burp.

Get rid of the excess gases and you will be able to get rid of the possible messes that the baby will be making during your newborn photography Dublin session before they even happen. Babies in general don’t have the strongest stomachs and something as simple as being fed with milk can upset that or can leave them feeling gassy which could lead to vomiting or worse. The messes, although manageable, could delay the session and could stunt the progress that the newborn photographer has been making so far and this is why you as a parent should do something about it while prepping the baby before the shoot even starts off. Your photographer will be able to appreciate this insight and will really have an easier time shooting great looking photos of the newborn baby without the accidents that come along with them so try to see what you can do about it.

Soothing music in the background.

This is the best way to set the mood right in the photo session. A little bit of background music can really help you set up the kind of ambiance that the baby will feel comfortable being in. some soft lullabies and instrumental spa music can more or less help relax the baby and can help put him in the best mood. Take note of the fact that the photo shoot is probably something alien to him and not something that he is the most comfortable being in because he isn’t used to it. Some music can help him relax a bit.

Back and tummy rubs.

Babies can feel cold as they are photographed in the nude most if not all of the time. For more samples of newborn photography Dublin photos or shots, check out or visit Visible Moments Photography.

Tips In Calgary Newborn Photography

Being a new parent is hard enough as it is.

newborn photographyThere are so many things and responsibilities that you will need to brace yourself for when it all comes down to it and they will not always be that easy at the end of the day. A similarly challenging thing to have to go through with is the aspect of booking a newborn photography shoot with little to no idea about it at all. You don’t have to worry too much about this. You can actually go ahead and get this figured out as you go along. Start off with the way that you handle what you know about the niche and about the industry in particular.

Read up on everything that you can about what newborn photography is all about.

You don’t have to get into this head first without knowing anything about it first. Anything can be remedied with a little bit of info and with a little bit of research so make sure that you hustle up and try to educate yourself about it as much as you possibly can. Here are a few more tips and info on how you will be able to handle newborn photography as a new parent or as someone who has never really experienced working with a newborn photographer in the past.

Spend some time with the newborn photographer of your choice.

Getting to know the professional who will be handling the newborn baby during the photo shoot will turn out to shed a bit of light on what he does, what his plans are for the photo shoot, what you should be expecting, what you are expected to do, what the rigor is for the shoot, and so on and so forth. Getting to know your photographer is a small first step but it is a first step nonetheless. You need to have that amicable and harmonious working relationship. You need to get over that initial weirdness of having to work with a total stranger when it all comes down to it. Once you are able to overcome this first hurdle, you will see that the rest of the things that you need to take care of will slide by easily because you will be able to ask your photographer some questions and even ask him for any advice as he goes along.

Talk to your photographer about how long the newborn photography session will last and what you should be expecting while you are on location.

Being prepared enough for the entire duration of the photo shoot will help manage your expectations better and will help you prepare enough for what you have ahead of time when it all comes down to it. Pay attention to what he has to say because this will help you prepare for what you have up ahead.

Your willingness to be flexible during feedings in between takes during the Calgary newborn photography shoot will help out your photographer in more ways than you could ever imagine so start paying attention when it all comes down to it. If you want the best in Calgary, go hire from