Overcome Wedding Day Setbacks in Wedding Photography Leicester With These Tips

I have put together a few wedding day setbacks you can work on avoiding as a wedding photography Leicester.

Managing time

wedding photography LeicesterPlanning a wedding takes a lot of hard work and wedding photography Leicester is not left out of this. To achieve the perfect wedding the bride and groom put a lot into planning. This doesn’t mean there won’t be setbacks and these setbacks can have a major effect on photography. As much as no two weddings are alike or planned alike we still have setbacks that are common to all weddings.

Time is a major setback at weddings and can cause a panic attack for everyone especially the bride. What you should do when this occurs is to first of all calm everyone down. Explain in the most amiable manner that you can still work something out with the time you’ve got. Also, make suggestions on doing some of your photoshoots with the time available to you at the moment and doing the rest after the event. The bride is majorly the culprit of time shortage as she most of the time takes longer than scheduled to get ready. In the instance where you find yourself waiting for a person to show up go ahead with other shoots. Take pictures of people present with the bride and groom, individual photos, and other details of the event. This way they see you working and rest assured you are capturing their event. Whatever shoot you were not able to do at the scheduled time can be taken during the cocktail or at the reception. This way you are able to do your work and everybody is happy.

Too much waiting time

This is a very rare occurrence in wedding photography but it still happens anyway. In the event that you find yourself in this situation, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be found idle. Use this time to prepare for the next round of shots, the next event, check your battery, set up lightings, just do something. If you have to take a break, for a snack or to visit the bathroom, never stay beyond 10 minutes. You shouldn’t stay away long enough for your absence to be felt. You should also never stop taking pictures of the tiniest details of the events.

Having issues with other vendors at the event

This is not common at events but it cannot be struck out as it is one of the things that can cause a major setback at any event. You might find yourself and other vendors disagreeing on some issues, in a situation like this your duty is to inform the couple and suggest how to alleviate the situation. Never be seen in a heated argument or talking rudely with other vendors. Always maintain a high level of professionalism.

Weather change

Nobody plans to have terrible weather at their event but sometimes it creeps in on us. Rain especially can be a downer at events, if you allow it. In situations like this, you should start thinking of alternative locations for your shoot. If you had an outdoor shoot planned you should consider using indoors. You can also suggest doing some shots in the rain, you would be surprised how many couples are open to such a suggestion.

People telling you what to do

This is a common occurrence at events, you will always find one or two people who feel they know what you should be doing. You shouldn’t get upset and make sarcastic comments or be rude. Just thank them for their suggestions and in a situation where it’s personal to the person you can do what they want. You always want to maintain a professional outlook, to avoid bad reviews as a lot of people are watching and will remember you.

Photography is the spirit and soul of an event, that’s all the couple has to hold onto after the event. Every wedding photography Leicester like Oliver Kershaw should make sure to have a smooth one for pleasurable working experience.