Improve Newborn Baby Photography By Changing Perspective

newborn baby photographyIt’s not that easy to be creative in newborn baby photography. You need to be extra careful with the baby that sometimes it gets in the way between you and your creativity. The baby’s safety is the top priotity after all, so you need to be very considerate when putting the baby into different poses as each one may potentially lead the baby into danger.

This lack of creativity and opportunity in newborn photography may at times make you bored and losing motivation as a photographer. You may start to think that this job is just not for you and even consider quitting several times. What you didn’t know is that you could actually use a new perspective in doing newborn photography gigs to recharge your motivation and the way you see things.

As it’s really hard to use variations of poses when taking newborn photos, why don’t you play with angles and other elements instead? A different angle is that little spark of uniqueness which could make your shots stand out of the crowd. This could be a great addition to that portfolio of yours and also give you more credibility as well.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a number of tips that you could follow to improve yourself as a newborn photographer. Here they are:

Experiment with lighting

Different technique in lighting will create different result in your shots. You could put the source of lighting in front or behind the subject to create certain shadowy effects on the baby. You could even play with the size of the lighting source, as different size will give different effect as well.

Another technique would be to put an object between the source of light and the subject to add even more unique effects to your shots. You could use a lighting source which is wider than the subject to create a full-size shot or a narrower one to create a silhouette of the subject.

Experiment with your distance with the subject

In newborn baby photography, you need to be as creative as you could with the way to take your photos. You could even play with the distance between you and your subject. Getting closer with the baby doesn’t only affect the shots in terms of the effect it creates, but also gives more intimacy to your shots. It’s as if you are a close relative to the family who is taking pictures of their baby.

Experiment with your angles

You could take pictures of the same subject from two different angles and get two different outcomes in result. The angle that you pick for your subject may tell an entirely different story to the final outcome. You could be as creative as you could with your angles in order to get the best shot out of the subject.

It’s true that newborn baby photography is a very challenging field for photographers as they could not express their creativity as much as in other fields of photography. You could learn more about getting creative with your shots by visiting Julia & Mia Fine Art Baby Photography to see more samples of creative shots in newborn photography.