Makeover Photo-Shoots – Best Value Services

makeover photographyMakeover photography is now a popular trend that transforms the everyday look of the average individual into that which can compete with the looks of a professional model. This photo-shoot serves as a constant reminder of how good looking the subject is. The challenge in this type of photography is in selecting the right makeover studio that can offer the best value to its clients.

Unfortunately, the perception which the general public has about the high-street photography industry has affected the reputation of certain makeover photography professionals dye to the fact that some of their colleagues charge exorbitant amounts for low quality images. As a matter of fact, in most major cities that comprise of women between the ages of 30 to 40, these women know someone or have being acquainted with an individual who has been overcharged in this way and this has led to the sceptical behaviour when assessing the photography business.

The good news though is that there are still the best value makeover photography studios out there and all that you need know is what to look out for when in need of their services. The high-street photography studios have two operating models which you can expect and one is

  • Free and low cost shoots

These free and low cost shoots are offered by makeover studios so as to recover their operating costs from the sale of the images gotten from the shoot. On the surface, this comes off as being a good approach as customers only purchase the images they prefer however, for the clients who do not purchase any of these images, the ones who do purchase images have to cover the expenses of both their shoot and for those who do not buy any. Even with the option of not to buy, there is the average client that feels compelled to but the images regardless of whether they fancy them or they do not fancy them due to the fact that they have committed time and effort into the shoot. This type of photo shoot does not advertise its costs beforehand thereby putting clinets at the mercy of the photographers.

  • All-inclusive packages:

The all-inclusive photography studios recover the costs of their operations on a pro-rata basis that is, based on the length of time of the shoot and the number of images requested. This approach is quite risky as the client is being made to pay for pictures before the commencement of the photo shoot meaning you do not know what you are getting and can only expect the best. On the plus side, this approach gives the client a choice in the selection of styles, the type of looks preferred, negotiating a price for tailor-made services and allowing for a certain period of breaks in between the shoots. Most importantly, the studios that offer this openly advertise the cost of their packages and services so clients can easily compare the prices and select the ones within their price range.

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