How to Handle Things As a Gay Wedding Photographer

Break into a new niche

wedding photographyIf you would like to get into the market and break into an entirely new niche or client base as a professional gay wedding photographer, then you are in for a really exciting time. Not only is this something that will be well worth your while, this can also turn out to be really potentially interesting in terms of profits as well. Although the equality on marriages has been around for quite some time now, it is a bit to know that not a lot of wedding photographers are as open or are as willing to work with same sex couples.

Prejudice and discrimination

Prejudice and discrimination is something that these couples usually face daily and although that can be disheartening, it gives you an opportunity to put something in and to show love and support by offering your services as a gay wedding photographer. This is your way of showing solidarity and respect and by letting them know that love is seen as something universal and should be celebrated regardless of what the circumstances may be. This is your chance to show people how important it is to respect others on what their views are and on how they would like to go ahead and live their lives as thinking and unique individuals who contribute to society just the same as with the rest of the other couples out there.

Always make it a point to talk to the couple that you are working with.

In order for you to be an efficient gay wedding photographer, you have to make it a point to really get to know them and to find out the dynamics in their relationship. Is there a feminine and masculine role? It is both feminine? Or is the relationship both masculine? This may seem and sound a bit odd to an ultimate outsider who has no idea about how same sex relationships work but this is something that you should be fairly knowledgeable about so that you will know all of the right ways for you to be able to handle your potential clients when it all comes down to it.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask all of the right questions that will make you better understand what kind of approach you should be taking as a professional gay wedding photographer. Explain to your clients why this is something that you should find out about. Make it a point to really get them to open up to you. Make them feel that it’s OK to be themselves around you because that is the only way for the setup to work.

Be sensitive about the issue of bringing in family members.

This particularly applicable when you are shooting the group shots during the wedding itself. Some of the couple’s family members may not be as open and as on board with the idea of a same sex marriage. This is something that you need to be sensitive to as a gay wedding photographer. Talk to them ahead of time if there are any familial issues and let them know that you need to know about it so that you can handle things appropriately during the wedding day.

How Wedding Photographers Can Increase Engagement in Social Media

Actively engage with followers

wedding photographyFor the wedding photographers out there who are trying to work on their social media presence at someĀ  point or so, the secret to a successful social media presence is active engagement. Make it a point to really relate to your followers as well as to other people’s profiles that you would like to follow you as well somewhere down the road. Social media is there so that people can be sociable. You can’t expect to successfully gain anything through social media if you don’t interact with people at the end of the day. If people ask you any questions about what you are posting or about what you are offering out in your services, no question or inquiry should be deemed as something that is too petty to pay attention to.

Treat inquiries equally

Treat all of these inquiries equally as much as possible and try to be prompt when you are sending out answers or replies to them. This is something that people will really be able to appreciate. Even if they don’t end up booking you as their wedding photographer and they end up checking other wedding photographers in the long run, the good impression that you are able to make on them will really reflect well for you and for the brand of service that you would like to market out to the rest of the potential clients out there who may be looking for wedding photographers.

Engage with followers

Some professional wedding photographers are a bit challenged when it comes to cultivating the engagement factor of their social media profiles because they don’t have enough followers to spark enough dialogues with in the first place or perhaps they’re not getting enough inquiries from potential clients. If this happens to be one of your problems as well when you are trying to grow your social media profiles, there are other ways for you to be able to initiate engagement with them one way or the other. Join in on groups for wedding photographers as well as bride channels and the like. There is so much potential in social media that the general population of wedding photographers don’t really understand or realize just yet.

You need to make sure that you are able to tap into these resources and make sure that you don’t let them go to waste. Spark conversations in other forums. Join in on discussion threads, if you can. Sometimes, a simple comment can have multiple replies. Work on your engagement rate from there. Make sure that you are able to keep the conversation going and post your replies in a timely manner as much as possible.

Build up trust

When you get to keep up active engagement with your followers as well as other people that you get to meet through social media, you will get to build up trust as well as a certain reputation for your brand. You will be able to start a great following of people who believe in you and in what you can do as well as other wedding photographers who would like to network with you because of the value that you bring into conversations and the like. It may not be an easy thing to accomplish but it certainly is possible to do so.