Adding a Second Shooter: Is it Necessary?

Adelaide wedding photographersThe idea of having two photographers to get more and better coverage of your wedding is tempting. The idea that two is better than one is never wrong. But the question that needs answering isn’t whether or not it’s better but if it’s necessary.

So, what are to be considered when hiring two Adelaide wedding photographers? What happens often is that people tend to overestimate and underestimate the capability of professional photographers. So, we need to get this straight first.

Solo shooter capabilities

What a single photographer can do at any given situation is limited. For example, you have to wait for the photographer to move around to get the pictures from a different location. This can be easily tackled if he has, says, a reliable assistant.

However, it’s also not entirely impossible to dismiss the possibilities a professional can achieve. Someone who’s worked on many weddings in different sizes can tell when he has to prepare ahead and anticipate the things that will happen. The not even two-men cell can guarantee that nothing will be missed in a wedding. But a professional photographer can easily guarantee that for you.

Knowing that a single photographer can only do so much, but not necessarily less means it depends on your main photographer. Some don’t like to work with others to start with. Others work in pairs from the get-go and separating them is impossible. These special circumstances should also be considered.

Professionals don’t like hindrances

The thing with professionals is that they don’t like it at all when there’s a second shooter they don’t know on site. It’s best to inform the photographer if you’re planning to. However, as we mentioned, professional Adelaide wedding photographers like don’t need second shooters in a private or medium-sized wedding party.

They have more chances to work alone and deliver better performance than having a second person in their way. It’ll be a different story if you simply allow someone else to shoot for a volunteer.

The greatness of a second shooter

The second shooter can obviously cover wider ground on your wedding party. He can take more pictures of the wedding guests while the main photographer focuses on the couple. During group pictures, things can go without hurry because the assistant can continue shooting inside.

There’s also the fact that the assistant can be a talented lad that adds up creativity into the pictures. With a different perspective presented, you’ll love seeing your album filled with various lovely pictures.

You can save time with the second photographer helping to fasten the whole process. There’s no need to wait for each other out because two people are prepared to take pictures whenever needed.

Think Rationally

There’s no need to be convinced that because two people are better, you need two people. If one person is up to the job, be confident about your choice and go for it. But if you don’t think that a single photographer would be capable enough, then you can consider having two Adelaide wedding photographers rolling.

Just be reminded that the teamwork of two people that never work together can be quite crude. So make sure they know each other beforehand. It’s crucial if you want your wedding pictures to be well-presented.