Challenges In A Family Photo Shoot

A well planned schedule.

Jacksonville Family PhotographerFamily photo sessions are tricky because you have to really make sure that you hit the sweet spot with the timing. It wouldn’t work if the kids have just gotten back from school or that you and your partner are tired after a long day at work. Pick out a weekend. Your Jacksonville family photographer will most likely charge you something slightly higher for having to work on a weekend but this is something that will make your photos come out looking better at the end of the day. Imagine having to pose for the camera and looking happy and energetic when you just aren’t feeling it. Forcing the kids to smile won’t work either. They will look awkward and the photos won’t be as genuine as you would like them to be. Family photo shoots should be fun and happy and well, weekends can do that for you so try to go for that as much as possible and things will turn out being so much better. It all boils down to proper scheduling and coordination. If the time of the year permits you, try to schedule it during vacation season as well.

Clothing coordination.

You don’t have to dress alike, mind you. You don’t have to go shopping in the event that you have a session scheduled with your Jacksonville family photographer. You just need to really properly curate the items that you have in your closets so that the outfits are properly coordinated be it in terms of styling or color or even a little bit of both. Take the time to really decide on the kind of look that you would like to nail so that you have some sort of base that you can work with and that you can use when you are picking out those articles of clothing at some point or so. If you want to make it a fun activity for the kids and for the rest of the family, you can even have them help out in picking out their wardrobes.

Short attention span of kids.

This is something that you need to be prepared for more than anything. Kids have very short attention spans. They get bored pretty easily and they might not stay still for as long as you would want them to. It really depends on your Jacksonville family photographer how to time his shots properly but you can help out too. Try not to be too stern with the kids. Let them be and more than that, make it a point to make the photo session fun for them. It makes a difference in the overall experience and your photo session will be a lot less painless to have to go through with when they aren’t grumpy or when they aren’t in the mood.

Not packing enough food along.

Everyone gets a little hungry sometimes and in a photo shoot that is bound to stretch out for at least 3 hours, you need to make sure that you have some sort of snack pack prepped up one way or the other. For more tips from a top notch Jacksonville family photographer, visit