Outdoor Wedding Hacks Every Bride Should Know

There will always be the possibility of rain.

this Lake District wedding photographerEven if it might turn out to be a particularly sunny day, you can’t always trust what the weatherman has to say because anything can happen in a moment’s notice and it will be a little too late for you to go ahead and do anything about it if you didn’t have anything pre-planned in the first place. When you are planning out an outdoor wedding, you should always have a plan B or even a plan C set in place as much as possible. Talk to your Lake District wedding photographer about the possible challenges that he will come across when photographing the events of the wedding because you will never really know what might happen or what might come up during the day of the big event. You need to know that everything that has to do with the wedding day is weather proof or will at least be able to take on anything that the elements might bring so that you have little to worry about. It’s really quite alright for you to overthink things at times, even. If it means that your wedding will be so much more prepared and better handled, then it will turn out to be well worth every bit of effort that you are putting in when it all comes down to it.

Heel protectors, for the win.

Being outdoors and in heels, as is the usual main part of the wedding ensemble. The simple aspect of bringing in a pair of heel protectors will save you the inconvenience and the embarrassment of ever having to worry about sinking into the ground with every single step you manage to take so make sure that you have enough practical sense to actually include a heel protectors along with you when it all comes down to it. It helps to know that you aren’t walking awkwardly and look as if you are waddling on by whenever you take a step so try to see if you can do your best to prep a pair or two along. Hey, if you are feeling extra thoughtful, it would be nice for you to include your bridal party in the prep work as much as possible.

Veil weights can be your life savers.

This is something that this Lake District wedding photographer will really be able to appreciate. The veil is one of the most iconic bridal accessories but being outdoors can prove to be an issue as the wind might blow the veil in different directions, and sometimes making it stick to your face altogether. Veil weights can help keep your veil in place all of the time as much as possible.

Be prepared to pay for a premium.

Outdoor weddings will cost you about 25% more than the usual because the wedding venue, the vendors, and even the caterers will do what they can to add on to their professional services and this is what you ought to try to prepare for as much as you possibly can.