The Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer Could Ask You to Choose Between a Photo Book and Photo Album

Lincolnshire wedding photographerThe reason for the hire of the Lincolnshire wedding photographer is to enable the couple have memories of their special day. The wedding couple dedicates time and effort to ensure that the individual they hire is someone trustworthy. After all, you do not just assign anyone with the task of capturing the special moments of your wedding day.

However, when you approach a professional wedding photographer, chances are you are going to get more than what you expected. Most people base their hiring decision on the portfolio of the wedding photographer. But, is the portfolio the only thing that matters?

Chances are when you approach a wedding photographer about the need for their services, they are likely to ask you for the type of package you want. Photographers do not just capture images and present them to you like that. As a matter of fact, you are likely to come across photographers offering you various alternatives on the format you want your photographs presented in.

Two of the most popular output forms include:

  • Wedding Photo Books
  • Wedding Photo Albums

Wedding Photo Book

To create a wedding photo book, you either make use of a software or go online. That is, all the pictures required to be in the photo book are directly uploaded from the camera. The Lincolnshire wedding photographer then goes ahead to choose the dimensions (paper type and size) of the book to be utilized.

Also, the background of the pages the pictures will be captured on can be customized to suit the preference of the couple. This can include anything from clip arts, frames or texts. A photo book unlike the photo album makes it easier for the photographer to capture the personality of the couple on every page. There are no restrictions as to what can be done so far as it is available.

Wedding Photo Album

This is your traditional paperback/hard cover collage which holds countless pictures. Unlike the photo book, the wedding photographer has to individually slot in the captured pictures into allotted areas. The pictures have to be printed out from the camera before they can be put into the wedding albums.

Due to the tasking nature of this method, the wedding photographer is likely going to spend time deciding on which picture actually makes it to the wedding album. This is to prevent having excess pictures that end up not making the light of day. Also, it saves the wedding photographer from wasting resources.

Difference between the Photo Book and Photo Album

From the above, it is quite clear to see that the two options available which are the photo album and photo book vary in different lights. One offers ease of construction, personalization, a great number of pictures, a choice on paper type etc. The other not so much. The type you go for however, may have to do with your budget.

Regardless of the type of output you choose for your wedding pictures, it does not change the fact that you still have your wedding memories at the end of the day.

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