Urban Wedding Photography: True Art in Your Album

San Francisco wedding photographerIt seems that only a relaxed and laidback style of photography cannot match with a wedding that is done in a city. Urban life that is always hectic and dynamic 24 hours a day does not seem to sit well with fine art.

But that is not the case with Catie Coyle Photography. The city itself is an art. When assigned to capture wedding couples on a rooftop with apartments and buildings as the backdrop, she produces the finest art possible.

Urban Fine Art

You have a dream wedding. And you plan to hold it in the middle of the city. As you browse through various portfolios for the umpteenth time, you wonder if it’s possible. That within a city, you want to see a piece of art, a bright, refreshing picture of your wedding day.

It’s a style that incorporates high exposure and flash. Catie believes that beauty lies in everything, let it be urban or nature. It’s only a matter of perceptions and experience.

If beauty is the ember in your heart, then Catie will lit them up when you look at your pictures.

So, now you know that it’s completely possible if you wish to have an urban fine art style on your wedding album!


Although harboring passion in fine art photography, she does not let herself stop you from enjoying the day. No posing or interrupted jokes and chats with your guests just for a couple of pictures.

Let your day unfolds beautifully and trusts in your San Francisco wedding photographer. She will capture all of it, not missing a thing, and you won’t even realize she was there capturing the precious moments.

Dazzlingly enchanted. That’s how she wants to describe the pictures that were taken out of the incredible moments in your wedding party.

Professional and Friendly

It’s what everybody wants; professional San Francisco wedding photographer for the day. Like mentioned before, capturing the beauty of your day does not need to pause the joy and laughter you and your guests are having.

But at the same time, won’t be troublesome if you’ve never met or feel uncomfortable around them? Every time you hear a shutter sound, you realize that someone you’re not really familiar with is snapping hundreds of pictures of yours.

This is why social skills are the second most important part of the job.

You need to be able to connect with your photographer as if you guy’s been friends for years! It’s necessary so that you can stay natural and enjoying during the whole photography process.

This cannot happen in a day.

Your photographer has to be someone that makes the time to sit and chat with you. They have to be people that want to know more about you and listen to your story. Not only that, they also have to be open enough to tell you about themselves! Trust goes both ways, after all.

Unless you are able to find someone who can fulfill all these three requirements, then Catie should be your first choice. The perfect person that can create dazzling wedding album in an urban environment.