Via Beginner’s Guide to Corporate Video Production

corporate video productionWhen it comes to getting a corporate video, a lot of people can agree that it’s important. Getting a corporate video production is always seen as vital to market products, raise brand awareness and improve brand salience.

That certainly makes corporate video a magical solution to your marketing issues. But is that easy? Whether you are still a beginner or is trying to improve your video production skills, here’s what you need to know.

What is your purpose?

The first question you need to answer before writing any script or shooting for any clips, what is the purpose of the video. Much like marketing strategies, you need to design your goal or purpose in working on the video by following the SMART principle which is: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

What does this mean?

Your goal in making this video needs to be specific: is it to increase sales? Retention? Visitors? Raise brand awareness and salience? And that goal should be measurable. You want to raise sales by 10%, increase retention by 5%, increase the number of visitors by 3,000, etc. Usually, they come in countable amount.

Is it attainable? As in, have you thought of how the shooting process should go? This involves getting everyone who has a say in the video to let you know what are the limitations and expectations. From there, you need to think: is it possible to take a video of the corporate team together in a friendly tone somewhere in town?

It has to be realistic as in, you have enough time to work on your corporate video production while not expecting the shooting to take place in Hawaii. Unless you live in Hawaii. Time-bound refers to the fact that the ultimate target of reaching your sales shouldn’t happen in 3 days, but stretch within a month or two.

What is your message?

Before you work out on the concept of the video, it’s more important to know what exactly you want to tell your clients. Think of the core message that you want to put in the video and translate it into something that sounds enticing to the audience. You want them to spend money on your service, so tell them why they will need and love it.

And then, it’s time to think carefully how can video best represent this message? Or perhaps, you already have the main mean of advertising this think and you are expanding your marketing strategies to using corporate videos. What does video have that other means don’t?

That’s right, moving pictures, people speaking with visible expressions and tones as well as animation that helps people understand better what you offer – these are the typical strengths. But this boils down to the creative team in writing down the script and making sure they get all the essentials while making it look professional, fun and attractive.

For example, corporate video products by always come as a video that sends a genuine message. He always wraps the call-to-action videos in a beautiful way that people can see it’s not just marketing – there are truth and generosity in the video. This is how you want to convey your message to your audiences.