Wedding Pictures: Do I Need the Copyrights?

wedding photographer KentYou’ve probably figured out that most photographers you met with won’t give you the copyrights to your wedding pictures. Or you’re probably still in the dark about this topic.

Basically, a wedding photographer Kent holds the rights to the pictures he took and it can only be transferred if it’s stated in the contract. It can also be sold for a sum of money.

The price

The amount of money you have to pay just to become the owner of the pictures can vary. Most photographers calculate the amount they could earn from it as well as the loss of means to market their business through the use of the picture. It could be $2,000; it could be more or less than that.

That’s pretty high for pictures I’ve already owned and also contain my face as well as my guest’s faces! Yeah, it is. That’s why the next question comes: do you need the copyrights?

What you want

Some couples want their privacy to be heavily respected. They don’t like seeing their pictures to be posted in public for marketing purposes or use in magazines. However, unfortunately, not owning the copyrights to those pictures also mean that your privacy is at risk.

Most professional photographers, however, respect it when their clients tell them to not do it. You can also do the same and request that your photographer respect your opinion. If they want to retain your trust, they will do it to avoid possible future issues.

A professional wedding photographer Kent that we are confident about is If you have any issues regarding the use of your pictures, this photographer is always ready to hear out and keep your confidentiality safe.

What are the chances?

On the other hand, you can also look it at it from a different way. What are the chances that your photographer is going to use that picture? What are the chances that the pictures will be featured in any famous magazines in the near future? It’s very low, considering a photographer can only show a few from so many weddings he’s worked on.

Also, what are the chances that your professional photographer won’t give you low-rest pictures of them to be posted on your social media account? It’s usually the thing that all couples find troublesome about not being the owner but can easily be dealt with if your photographer sends you the watermarked version.

What are the alternatives?

There’s no need to contemplate heavily whether you should buy the full ownership or not. If your photographer allows it, you can buy only one or two rights on the pictures. You won’t become a full owner, but you have enough for freedom of personal use.

If you don’t own them, reproducing the pictures isn’t impossible. Your wedding photographer Kent is always available to reprint them and deliver them to you again. That’s also the reason why a photographer wants to retain copyrights. However, there’s also the fact that you don’t always need to reproduce them. In fact, you might never need to for your whole life if they’re only for personal use and you don’t lose them!