What Are These Styles Grand Rapids Photographers Talk About?

Grand Rapids photographerAs you begin your search for a professional wedding photographer, you might have encountered several times words like a documentary or fine art photography style. You start wondering if those words mean anything at all except making those Grand Rapids photographers sound cool when they say it.

Yes, they actually mean something. Those are styles of the photographers and they tell a little bit about the kind of pictures you will get and how they usually work. It will be a good thing if you know a thing or two about it, so you can understand what your photographer is talking about!

Documentary and fine art

The two most prominent styles we see today is these two. The documentary is an older kind of style in wedding photography, a technique employed by photographers who are absorbed in stories. Fine art, on the other hand, is a very visually artistic style with the photographer actively trying to capture what he sees in his mind. He then tries to pose or come up with an idea to bring that image true.

Photographers with documentary-style usually work behind the scene. They want to become an observer that occasionally takes pictures of the day, admiring the beauty and happiness around him. It’s a style very particular on taking pictures without interrupting the flow of the day. The results of the pictures may not be fantastic alone, but they become a piece of art when pieced together in an album.

Fine art photographers usually work on posing their clients. But many of them also employ the same approach when it comes to taking pictures during the ceremony or reception. Pictures look even better when they are taken from the right point of view without making people turn around and smile to the camera. Fine art results tend to look beautiful, natural and stunning.

The fact

Not necessarily every photographer works with documentary or fine art style, like Chrystin Melanie Photography. Grand Rapids photographers have different ways of doing things depending on how they feel comfortable with and whether it will bring the best results for their clients. It’s more important for you to look at their works directly to see whether you will like them.

When you check out their portfolios, you may see some really well worked on pictures and are amazed by them. At the same time, there are tons of other photographers showing the same fabulous works. But you are probably able to weed out the least favorable ones, such as in terms of prices of packages and style.

But after that, you need to meet them and have them show you their album. Never trust only what you see in their portfolios because they are often only their best works. But you are never guaranteed to get pictures like the ones they show-off. A less biased judgment can be made once you see an example of a complete wedding collection or album of their work.

Knowing the style of Grand Rapids photographers will help you communicate with them and if you have a particular style you love, you can weed out photographers faster. But this is not the main factor for you to base your decision on as there are even more things to consider!