How to Build Relationships to Gain More Clients in Corporate Video Production

Being involved with corporate video production for you might be a fulltime plan or just a side arrangement to earn more cash. Whichever it is you still want to make some good money and get traffic of clients. Truth be told you might have high paying clients patronize you in trickles. Not because you are not good at your job but because of another reason which shall be discussed in this article.

Relationships are important

Successful photographers, even freelancers, know the importance of growing networks and developing working relationships with people in their fields. You might be shy but this is one way to grow your business. Relationships are important to the growth of any business.

How do relationships influence your business?

There are several ways developing relationships can influence your business positively. In fact, with relationships you are bound to be more successful, here’s why:

–                 Clients prefer to give jobs to people they know.

–                 Several polls have proven that between 45 and 50 percent of jobs come through referrals. This means that the more you keep in touch with others, the more likely you are likely to land a gig.

–                 You will come to mind when gigs come up if you are in constant contact with people who work in or related to your field.

–                 You are bound to discover and bid for jobs that were never advertised.

With these, you know that you need to start building relations to gain more clients for your corporate video production business. Here are a few tips on how to build and nurture these relationships.

Write a list of key relationships

One mistake you will make is to leave things to chance and believe that with time you will get to know certain people in your industry. It could happen, probably in the next 5 years, but you need it as early as possible so you need to set yourself in position. How do you do this? Write up a list of A-List individuals you think are important to you and your business and begin making conscious efforts to meet them.

Decide on your relationship-building tools

It is one thing to figure out who you want to meet, it is another to find the best methods to meet them. You need to figure out the best tools to build these relationships. The most recommended include:

–                 Set up lunch or coffee meetings, especially with people on your list, and discuss things relating to your business.

–                 Interviews.

–                 Business meetings.

–                 Attending conferences related to your field.

Be an unrepentant giver

A relationship is nurtured by giving and not by receiving. It might seem silly but it is wise to find out about the person you are meeting and how best you can help their businesses and just do it. this way they get to see your capabilities and you automatically come to mind when something more serious comes up. Learn to give value first.

Develop a follow-up system

Now that you have struck the first meeting and have given some value it is important that you develop a follow-up system. How do you achieve this? It’s quite simple, check up on them. This is the best way to monitor your relationships. You can use Contactually or Customer Relation Management like SugarCRM.

Revisit your lists for evaluation

Now that you have most of the relationships built you need to do periodic checks to see which are beneficial and which is just a burden. You can now focus on the beneficial relationships and put in less effort on the burdensome ones.

You probably want to meet Sharan Rai, this is a relationship you should cultivate in your corporate video production business.

Overcome Wedding Day Setbacks in Wedding Photography Leicester With These Tips

I have put together a few wedding day setbacks you can work on avoiding as a wedding photography Leicester.

Managing time

wedding photography LeicesterPlanning a wedding takes a lot of hard work and wedding photography Leicester is not left out of this. To achieve the perfect wedding the bride and groom put a lot into planning. This doesn’t mean there won’t be setbacks and these setbacks can have a major effect on photography. As much as no two weddings are alike or planned alike we still have setbacks that are common to all weddings.

Time is a major setback at weddings and can cause a panic attack for everyone especially the bride. What you should do when this occurs is to first of all calm everyone down. Explain in the most amiable manner that you can still work something out with the time you’ve got. Also, make suggestions on doing some of your photoshoots with the time available to you at the moment and doing the rest after the event. The bride is majorly the culprit of time shortage as she most of the time takes longer than scheduled to get ready. In the instance where you find yourself waiting for a person to show up go ahead with other shoots. Take pictures of people present with the bride and groom, individual photos, and other details of the event. This way they see you working and rest assured you are capturing their event. Whatever shoot you were not able to do at the scheduled time can be taken during the cocktail or at the reception. This way you are able to do your work and everybody is happy.

Too much waiting time

This is a very rare occurrence in wedding photography but it still happens anyway. In the event that you find yourself in this situation, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be found idle. Use this time to prepare for the next round of shots, the next event, check your battery, set up lightings, just do something. If you have to take a break, for a snack or to visit the bathroom, never stay beyond 10 minutes. You shouldn’t stay away long enough for your absence to be felt. You should also never stop taking pictures of the tiniest details of the events.

Having issues with other vendors at the event

This is not common at events but it cannot be struck out as it is one of the things that can cause a major setback at any event. You might find yourself and other vendors disagreeing on some issues, in a situation like this your duty is to inform the couple and suggest how to alleviate the situation. Never be seen in a heated argument or talking rudely with other vendors. Always maintain a high level of professionalism.

Weather change

Nobody plans to have terrible weather at their event but sometimes it creeps in on us. Rain especially can be a downer at events, if you allow it. In situations like this, you should start thinking of alternative locations for your shoot. If you had an outdoor shoot planned you should consider using indoors. You can also suggest doing some shots in the rain, you would be surprised how many couples are open to such a suggestion.

People telling you what to do

This is a common occurrence at events, you will always find one or two people who feel they know what you should be doing. You shouldn’t get upset and make sarcastic comments or be rude. Just thank them for their suggestions and in a situation where it’s personal to the person you can do what they want. You always want to maintain a professional outlook, to avoid bad reviews as a lot of people are watching and will remember you.

Photography is the spirit and soul of an event, that’s all the couple has to hold onto after the event. Every wedding photography Leicester like Oliver Kershaw should make sure to have a smooth one for pleasurable working experience.

Improve Newborn Baby Photography By Changing Perspective

newborn baby photographyIt’s not that easy to be creative in newborn baby photography. You need to be extra careful with the baby that sometimes it gets in the way between you and your creativity. The baby’s safety is the top priotity after all, so you need to be very considerate when putting the baby into different poses as each one may potentially lead the baby into danger.

This lack of creativity and opportunity in newborn photography may at times make you bored and losing motivation as a photographer. You may start to think that this job is just not for you and even consider quitting several times. What you didn’t know is that you could actually use a new perspective in doing newborn photography gigs to recharge your motivation and the way you see things.

As it’s really hard to use variations of poses when taking newborn photos, why don’t you play with angles and other elements instead? A different angle is that little spark of uniqueness which could make your shots stand out of the crowd. This could be a great addition to that portfolio of yours and also give you more credibility as well.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a number of tips that you could follow to improve yourself as a newborn photographer. Here they are:

Experiment with lighting

Different technique in lighting will create different result in your shots. You could put the source of lighting in front or behind the subject to create certain shadowy effects on the baby. You could even play with the size of the lighting source, as different size will give different effect as well.

Another technique would be to put an object between the source of light and the subject to add even more unique effects to your shots. You could use a lighting source which is wider than the subject to create a full-size shot or a narrower one to create a silhouette of the subject.

Experiment with your distance with the subject

In newborn baby photography, you need to be as creative as you could with the way to take your photos. You could even play with the distance between you and your subject. Getting closer with the baby doesn’t only affect the shots in terms of the effect it creates, but also gives more intimacy to your shots. It’s as if you are a close relative to the family who is taking pictures of their baby.

Experiment with your angles

You could take pictures of the same subject from two different angles and get two different outcomes in result. The angle that you pick for your subject may tell an entirely different story to the final outcome. You could be as creative as you could with your angles in order to get the best shot out of the subject.

It’s true that newborn baby photography is a very challenging field for photographers as they could not express their creativity as much as in other fields of photography. You could learn more about getting creative with your shots by visiting Julia & Mia Fine Art Baby Photography to see more samples of creative shots in newborn photography.

Via Beginner’s Guide to Corporate Video Production

corporate video productionWhen it comes to getting a corporate video, a lot of people can agree that it’s important. Getting a corporate video production is always seen as vital to market products, raise brand awareness and improve brand salience.

That certainly makes corporate video a magical solution to your marketing issues. But is that easy? Whether you are still a beginner or is trying to improve your video production skills, here’s what you need to know.

What is your purpose?

The first question you need to answer before writing any script or shooting for any clips, what is the purpose of the video. Much like marketing strategies, you need to design your goal or purpose in working on the video by following the SMART principle which is: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

What does this mean?

Your goal in making this video needs to be specific: is it to increase sales? Retention? Visitors? Raise brand awareness and salience? And that goal should be measurable. You want to raise sales by 10%, increase retention by 5%, increase the number of visitors by 3,000, etc. Usually, they come in countable amount.

Is it attainable? As in, have you thought of how the shooting process should go? This involves getting everyone who has a say in the video to let you know what are the limitations and expectations. From there, you need to think: is it possible to take a video of the corporate team together in a friendly tone somewhere in town?

It has to be realistic as in, you have enough time to work on your corporate video production while not expecting the shooting to take place in Hawaii. Unless you live in Hawaii. Time-bound refers to the fact that the ultimate target of reaching your sales shouldn’t happen in 3 days, but stretch within a month or two.

What is your message?

Before you work out on the concept of the video, it’s more important to know what exactly you want to tell your clients. Think of the core message that you want to put in the video and translate it into something that sounds enticing to the audience. You want them to spend money on your service, so tell them why they will need and love it.

And then, it’s time to think carefully how can video best represent this message? Or perhaps, you already have the main mean of advertising this think and you are expanding your marketing strategies to using corporate videos. What does video have that other means don’t?

That’s right, moving pictures, people speaking with visible expressions and tones as well as animation that helps people understand better what you offer – these are the typical strengths. But this boils down to the creative team in writing down the script and making sure they get all the essentials while making it look professional, fun and attractive.

For example, corporate video products by always come as a video that sends a genuine message. He always wraps the call-to-action videos in a beautiful way that people can see it’s not just marketing – there are truth and generosity in the video. This is how you want to convey your message to your audiences.

How to Hire a Wedding Photographer Leicester

wedding photography LeicesterWhen planning a wedding, there are a lot of things that need to come together to ensure the day goes off without a hitch. From the wedding attires, the wedding decorations, the wedding venue and even the weather of the day. Another thing that needs to be in place is the wedding photography Leicester.

As a matter of fact, the wedding photographer plays an important role in the essence that he or she is dealing with your wedding memories. Memories are precious seeing as once they occur, capturing them again is near impossible unless you have the ability to go back in time. Therefore, capturing them as they occur when they occur is very important. This is what most photographers are judged by.

Every couple wants the avenue to be able to look at their pictures after the wedding has gone past. They want to flip through their wedding albums and reminisce about certain things but this is only possible when the photographer does his or her job. The job which is to capture the memories as they occur.

Going by the importance of wedding memories that are manifested in images, wedding couples should not take the hiring process of the wedding photographer lightly. Therefore, it is important to implement a certain process when looking for the services of a photographer. With this process, it is near to impossible to go wrong with the hiring decision.

Search within your area

If you live within Leicester, the best thing to do is to search for professional wedding photography Leicester. Proximity is the better option for you as then you know it will be easier for you to reach out to the photographer or follow up with them if a need arises. Also, it means the photographer has a better familiarity with most of the locations or venues within the region and you do not have to worry about them having to find their way around.

Create a list

From searching within your area making use of local business pages or the Google search engine, the next thing to do is create a list of photographers that look viable. Making use of the internet, you can come across the ratings previous users might have of them and you can decide to make use of these ratings to determine who you want to reach out to.

Reach out

After creating a list, the next thing to do is to reach out to these photographers and set up a meeting or have a consultation. Reaching out is meant to help you form an opinion on the photographer. The way they interact with you or respond to your queries should help you form an opinion as to whether they are approachable and if they can be worked with.

Check out portfolio

Another important thing which you ought to do when creating a list is to check if these photographers have samples of their work on their website. If not, setting up a meeting with them should take care of this. The portfolio is important to know the type of skills and style of photography of the photographer.

For more on wedding photography Leicester, visit

A Customer’s Guide to a Horse Photographer’s Thoughts

horse photographerWhen it comes to hiring a horse photographer, it is not something that your photographer work out on his own. The whole thing is like teamwork between you and your photographer so your photographer can get a nice shot of your horse and you naturally benefit from it.

But sometimes, when you don’t actually work in the field, it’s hard for you to understand, so we help those photographers by telling you the simple things you can do to help them!

  1. Let’s be realistic

Some owners are really excited about taking a picture with their equine family to the point that they are probably too excited about. As much as your photographer wants to fulfill your wishes, there are just certain things that cannot be done. Your photographer simply doesn’t want to risk it, especially because horses can be skittish and nobody wants to end up with a hoof print on them.

Just be yourself on that day and be comfortable about what you do. Tell your photographer about the requests that you have and discuss it. If it’s going to take quite some time, you can ask your photographer to arrive an hour earlier so you can plan when and where the picture should be taken.

  1. This is what golden hour is about

Golden hour is the term that many photographers use to describe that moment before sunset and during sunrise. The sun shines at a close angle that it looks as if golden light falls on everything and this means your horse will look a couple of times better. A horse photographer is always aiming for this moment whenever possible.

But the golden hour is very short; once you miss it, that’s it. You will have to wait tomorrow or just deal with whatever pictures you got.

  1. Be confident!

You are probably shy and awkward in front of the camera, not sure if you will look good in them. Let’s be honest, your horse doesn’t judge you and neither does your photographer. Being confident about yourself will actually make you look so much better and you don’t need to have the most ideal body or clothes of the latest trend. Just be yourself and you will be the best-looking person in the world.

  1. Where?

Horses live in stables and stables are located in open-field with a lot of vast field and maybe barns and farms. Basically, there is nowhere to take pictures at because it’s not a place for vacation. So, it’ll be best if you think about where the pictures should be taken and if possible, invite the photographer much earlier on that day.

  1. Your photographer loves his job!

You don’t need to doubt this because every equine photographer chose to do this because it’s what they love. It’s a niche that is not common because a horse photographer like Emma Ziff faces risks no others do. Because of that, trust in your photographer more!

Talk to your photographer if you have worries about the session and let him help you. For them, it’s a real privilege to able to meet with such majestic creatures and to receive the honor of this amazing job.

The Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer Could Ask You to Choose Between a Photo Book and Photo Album

Lincolnshire wedding photographerThe reason for the hire of the Lincolnshire wedding photographer is to enable the couple have memories of their special day. The wedding couple dedicates time and effort to ensure that the individual they hire is someone trustworthy. After all, you do not just assign anyone with the task of capturing the special moments of your wedding day.

However, when you approach a professional wedding photographer, chances are you are going to get more than what you expected. Most people base their hiring decision on the portfolio of the wedding photographer. But, is the portfolio the only thing that matters?

Chances are when you approach a wedding photographer about the need for their services, they are likely to ask you for the type of package you want. Photographers do not just capture images and present them to you like that. As a matter of fact, you are likely to come across photographers offering you various alternatives on the format you want your photographs presented in.

Two of the most popular output forms include:

  • Wedding Photo Books
  • Wedding Photo Albums

Wedding Photo Book

To create a wedding photo book, you either make use of a software or go online. That is, all the pictures required to be in the photo book are directly uploaded from the camera. The Lincolnshire wedding photographer then goes ahead to choose the dimensions (paper type and size) of the book to be utilized.

Also, the background of the pages the pictures will be captured on can be customized to suit the preference of the couple. This can include anything from clip arts, frames or texts. A photo book unlike the photo album makes it easier for the photographer to capture the personality of the couple on every page. There are no restrictions as to what can be done so far as it is available.

Wedding Photo Album

This is your traditional paperback/hard cover collage which holds countless pictures. Unlike the photo book, the wedding photographer has to individually slot in the captured pictures into allotted areas. The pictures have to be printed out from the camera before they can be put into the wedding albums.

Due to the tasking nature of this method, the wedding photographer is likely going to spend time deciding on which picture actually makes it to the wedding album. This is to prevent having excess pictures that end up not making the light of day. Also, it saves the wedding photographer from wasting resources.

Difference between the Photo Book and Photo Album

From the above, it is quite clear to see that the two options available which are the photo album and photo book vary in different lights. One offers ease of construction, personalization, a great number of pictures, a choice on paper type etc. The other not so much. The type you go for however, may have to do with your budget.

Regardless of the type of output you choose for your wedding pictures, it does not change the fact that you still have your wedding memories at the end of the day.

For more information on the Lincolnshire wedding photographer, visit

A Guide to Accessories for Baby Photography

baby photographyAsk any baby photographer and they will tell you that the act of photographing a baby is not easy. No pun intended but it is no kid stuff. How do you go about taking the perfect image of a little one if you can barely coax a smile out of them or even get them to pose for the camera? Going by their lake of awareness and the fact that they are not easy to direct, the right picture is not that easy to come by.

For the parents of the baby who want to ensure that every milestone is recorded, they need expert baby photography providers to help them with professionally taken shots. Usually, contracting the services of a professional comes along with gear that is user friendly, well-functioning accessories and variety of props which make a difference in the outcome of the shot. With this in mind, take a look at the following accessories you are likely to find in the studio.

  • Camera

Okay in the present day almost everyone who is capable of using a smartphone has one. Most smartphones have cameras now and most people think because of the ease of access to these devices, making use of the services of a professional photographer is not necessary. Well, that is not often the case. You might have the convenience of your cellphone camera but often times, that does not mean the outcome of the photoshoot will meet your expectations. Don’t you feel that going to the studio and getting a professional to do what he knows best will have a better outcome?

The reason why the professional is bound to have a better outcome is due to the fact that he or she has the right camera for baby photography and knows the best way to maximize its use for the pictures you need. A camera is a tool the photographer has to learn how to be intimate with. So, to record the milestone in the life of your baby, get the professional to help you with it.

  • Light

The newborn is fragile so you cannot expect the photographer to have a shoot in an outdoor location exposing the little one to the harsh temperature. Therefore, an alternative source of light is needed to ensure that the outcome of the image is one that best fits all the expectations of the couple. However, note that there are different sources of light from studio lights, overhead lights, flash lights etc. The type of lights you go for should depend on the outcome you are expecting from the pictures you take.

With the different type of lighting in the studio, it is highly possible that the little one might get frightened especially if the flash of the camera goes off in their face. If the little one is frightened, this does not bode well for the shot you were trying to capture as it will most likely be distorted. Therefore, make sure you have a reasonable plan in place for the use of these lights.

For more information on baby photography, visit

Why Baby Photography

baby photographyEvery second in life, someone is encountering a new experience, someone is making changes while someone is thinking of a way to embrace opportunities presented to them. It is therefore realistic to conclude that there is no second on the clock when something unique is not occurring. As individuals we might have different things occur to us at the same time. These different things are what eventually create memories for us.

The memories created are imprinted in our minds for certain periods of time. Depending on how important these moments are, the memories may last long while some are forgotten as soon as they occur. If care is it taken, it becomes quite easy to forget the details of these memories that we wish to hold on to.

Someone somewhere in the past recognized the fact that as humans, we love holding on to mementos that remind us of encounters or experiences we went through and as such thought of the concept of photography. In this case we will be talking about baby photography.

The life span of a human can be defined according to certain stages. The newborn, toddler, adolescent, young adult, adult and aged. As we go through these stages in life, we are bound to encounter changes be it physically or psychologically. If we are not careful, the moments that defined us and helped us get to our present stage can be easily forgotten that is why photographs play an important part in our lives.

Below, we have listed out reasons why baby photography should be an option.

  • To capture memories

A lot of things happen in life and we want to hold on to the special ones. The special ones are worth cherishing as they left a lasting impression in our lives. That is the case when a baby is born. The parents understand that the birth of a child changes everything.

The child will also not stay that way forever as they are bound to grow and in a couple of years live their own lives and create their own family. But, for the period of time that the child is still a baby, the couple can ensure that the memories of them with the baby are stamped in time thanks to the avenue of baby pictures.

The thing about baby pictures is that they can be captured when the child is a newborn or a couple of months after birth. However, they sooner the better as within a year, the baby begins to outgrow its state of dependence to one of independence.

  • Reference purposes

There are times when grown children approach their parents to ask for any childhood pictures of themselves. The need for the pictures might be purely sentimental perhaps to gain a look at what they looked like when they were born or it could be for a totally different reason. Regardless of the purpose of asking, it does not hurt to have pictures taken in case a future need arises for it.

Baby photography by can be trusted to help you hold on to memories.

Ways in Which technology Has Helped Natural Wedding Photography

natural wedding photographyWith the passage of time, there are bound to be changes. The same is evident in nature where summer gives way to spring, spring gives way to fall, and fall gives way to winter. Natural wedding photography has also experienced a lot of changes.

The modern day world has experienced a lot of transformations in which better developments and advancements of technology have made the life of the average individual easier and better. An example of technology making life easier for the average individual can be seen in the case of a smartphone. Telephones were what existed in the past and they were not portable. Also, sending mails was only possible through a desktop computer.

Now, a smartphone combines easy calling, instant messaging and emailing functions in a portable device. Individuals no longer have to boot up desktops or stay within certain areas to receive a call or send a message. These things can easily be done on the go.

Naturally, innovation in technology was not restricted to only the cellphones and PCs, it has spread over various professions and also into the daily lives of individuals. One such profession is that of the wedding photographer. With the help of technology, the following areas can easily be handled:

  • Types of Cameras

From shutter cameras to film cameras. From film cameras to digital cameras. The revolution of cameras just keeps getting better. Instead of images being recorded on film, they are recorded as digital data that can easily be uploaded to a PC to be saved and edited later on. Here, the photographer does not have to worry about running out of film.

The means of saving the images is through a memory card. Memory cards vary in sizes of 1GB to 64GB or higher. Depending on the resolution the photographer is shooting in, memory space can get consumed and when the card is full, it can be switched out for another. Memory cards are portable unlike film rolls that occupy a lot is space.

  • Editing tools

The photographer will work with what is on hand to capture images for natural wedding photography. But, like we all know, it is not every time you can get the perfect shot especially since wedding photos are not being posed for or times. The constant actions of the couple and wedding guest are ever changing and you need to keep shooting to avoid missing out on a special moment.

In the past, the film cameras did not allow for edits to be done after shooting but with digital cameras, this is different. Photographers can take pictures of a wedding and still edit them on their PC thanks to editing software like Photoshop, Lightroom, Pixel and Snapseed among others.

  • Means of storage

Another area technology has impacted natural wedding photography is in the output alternatives for the wedding images. Precious Red Photography gives their clients the option of choosing amongst CDs, DVDs, Physical Albums, Memory Cards, Hard drives, Online Clouds or Drives. Of course, couples can choose more than one option. Unlike in the past where film only allowed for physical albums which once destroyed could be very hard to recover.

4 Things Your Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer Must Offer

Lincolnshire wedding photographerYou are engaged to be married and there are certainly millions of things that run through your head regarding the wedding. It is quite normal to be worried about a lot of things, even if you hire a wedding planner. Even if you have a whole bunch of people working to make your wedding day extra special, the choice for your Lincolnshire wedding photographer has to offer must be up to you. You need to have an easy feeling with your wedding photographer, because your wedding photos will be your priceless assets that will last forever, and you need to have them captured by the person who truly understands what you want. If you don’t get along well with your wedding photographer, then your wedding photography is doomed to be a disaster. Before you book a wedding photographer, there are four important factors that need to be offered to you.

Unmatched passion for wedding photography

Photography takes a deep level of passion in order to create a masterpiece. The Lincolnshire wedding photographer is proud of must be capable of offering you an unrivaled passion for wedding photography. This trait will make your wedding photographer freeze the hands of time and capture the fleeting moments that shows how eternally happy and in-love you are. A passionate wedding photographer knows how to capture intimate looks, suppressed tears from your guests, and solemn moments in your wedding day, and create a beautiful love story through the wedding photographs.

Open and clear communication

Communication through email is not enough with your wedding photographer. You need to meet and talk about what type of photography you need for your special day. Your wedding photographer must be capable to offer you undivided attention during your meetings, and be thoroughly efficient in answering your questions that you send through emails, chats, or texts. Your wedding photographer most definitely has other clients as well, but your wedding is important to you, and open communication without delays is what you deserve to get. Your wedding photographer must know how to handle and manage time efficiently.

Reasonable wedding photography cost

It is a given fact that wedding photography cost a lot of money. But, you need to make sure that you get what you are exactly paying for. If the Lincolnshire wedding photographer has for you owns the most expensive cameras, lenses, and lighting, and have backups as well, then you can certainly count on thousands of dollars price for your wedding photography. However, the cost will definitely worth it, because the latest photography equipment is capable to make your wedding day even more magically beautiful.

Professionalism and expertise

A wedding photographer who is just starting up lacks the experience that you need to capture priceless photos that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Make sure that the Lincolnshire wedding photographer produced for you can offer you years of experience and professionalism in taking your wedding photographs. Professional wedding photographer in Lincolnshire can certainly exceed your expectations in your wedding photography, with his unquestionable skills and genuine love for wedding photography.

What Are These Styles Grand Rapids Photographers Talk About?

Grand Rapids photographerAs you begin your search for a professional wedding photographer, you might have encountered several times words like a documentary or fine art photography style. You start wondering if those words mean anything at all except making those Grand Rapids photographers sound cool when they say it.

Yes, they actually mean something. Those are styles of the photographers and they tell a little bit about the kind of pictures you will get and how they usually work. It will be a good thing if you know a thing or two about it, so you can understand what your photographer is talking about!

Documentary and fine art

The two most prominent styles we see today is these two. The documentary is an older kind of style in wedding photography, a technique employed by photographers who are absorbed in stories. Fine art, on the other hand, is a very visually artistic style with the photographer actively trying to capture what he sees in his mind. He then tries to pose or come up with an idea to bring that image true.

Photographers with documentary-style usually work behind the scene. They want to become an observer that occasionally takes pictures of the day, admiring the beauty and happiness around him. It’s a style very particular on taking pictures without interrupting the flow of the day. The results of the pictures may not be fantastic alone, but they become a piece of art when pieced together in an album.

Fine art photographers usually work on posing their clients. But many of them also employ the same approach when it comes to taking pictures during the ceremony or reception. Pictures look even better when they are taken from the right point of view without making people turn around and smile to the camera. Fine art results tend to look beautiful, natural and stunning.

The fact

Not necessarily every photographer works with documentary or fine art style, like Chrystin Melanie Photography. Grand Rapids photographers have different ways of doing things depending on how they feel comfortable with and whether it will bring the best results for their clients. It’s more important for you to look at their works directly to see whether you will like them.

When you check out their portfolios, you may see some really well worked on pictures and are amazed by them. At the same time, there are tons of other photographers showing the same fabulous works. But you are probably able to weed out the least favorable ones, such as in terms of prices of packages and style.

But after that, you need to meet them and have them show you their album. Never trust only what you see in their portfolios because they are often only their best works. But you are never guaranteed to get pictures like the ones they show-off. A less biased judgment can be made once you see an example of a complete wedding collection or album of their work.

Knowing the style of Grand Rapids photographers will help you communicate with them and if you have a particular style you love, you can weed out photographers faster. But this is not the main factor for you to base your decision on as there are even more things to consider!

How to Start a Calgary Newborn Photography Business

Calgary newborn photographyAre you an aspiring photographer? Many people find their way entering into the business of Calgary newborn photography from the unusual pathway. Yet, those who have the knack of it eventually come around and realize that they are happier and will be more successful in starting a photography business. That’s probably what you thought, too.

But the starting point is always the hardest. How do you begin offering your service? How to convince clients that you are not just playing around, but serious about the job entrusted to you? There are many things you need to prepare, but don’t fret! We’ve got your back.

Is this really what you want?

Take a look at baby pictures and videos of baby photography sessions. You might have seen some directly. What do you think about being the photographer? Do you enjoy what you see? Will you be able to enjoy taking pictures and spending times with babies as well as their parents? If yes, then you have found the right job for you.

If you are not the type that enjoys the company of babies much, you have to rethink your decision. You might end up stressing yourself up and bringing in bad reviews to yourself!

Prepare the set

There are two ways you can start offering your service. The harder way is to prepare a studio and a set to take the pictures at. This usually means you need to invest a lot in creating the space to work and works if you want to provide formal photography session. You also have to prepare props to be used as well as the backdrop. Examples can be seen at Dulce Baby Photography, a professional newborn photography studio.

The other way is to offer your service in lifestyle mode. This is where you go to the parents’ home to take pictures of their babies and you don’t have to bring that many props. You can also discuss it with the parents before the promised date to decide on which rooms or locations in the home you will use. It may expand to taking pictures in parks and the likes depending on the parents’ request.

When you offer your Calgary newborn photography service, it’s a good thing to point out that you only do one type of photography. Do not force yourself to do something you are not yet sure about. Do what you can and excel in that. Once you are sure, you can expand into the other style and invest more in the business.

The props and set

When you buy props for newborn sessions, you need to be careful with the materials, shape as well as the safety of using those props. Do your research to find out if there is any danger associated with using those props. The set has to be designed in a way that supports a good photography environment as well. Such as, having natural light shines into the room as well as the option to completely shut them out.

Afterward, maintenance of what you own for your Calgary newborn photography session is important. Your props don’t stay new forever; you need to throw out and buy new ones from time to time. You also have to clean the room and blankets used regularly.